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Free university-level learning

By taking refresher courses regularly, you and your co-workers may set yourselves apart from your competitors. Did you know that a lot of universities offer free online courses in the form of MOOCs? More...


Learn languages with the help of real people

Perhaps you do business with foreign customers but you don’t have the time to take an intensive language course? Fortunately, there are language exchange websites which help you get in touch with a suitable language partner. More...


MOOCS update

A recent article on the pace of automation stated that “online learning could revolutionise education”. We look at changes in the world of MOOCS. More...


Education for all

A study has shown that employees of SMEs feel they need more training. There are numerous options - we’ve examined what’s available now and in the future. More...


Learn a foreign language the fun way

If you go abroad for business or a holiday, it can come in handy to know at least the basics of the local language. What’s more, learning a foreign language needn’t be boring. We tested some good smartphone apps. More...


Online training courses: MOOCs

Are you looking for useful training for yourself or a co-worker? Did you know that you can undertake training online, often free of charge, at many renowned universities? More...


Bridging the skills gap

One in five vacancies can’t be filled due to a skills shortage. We check how businesses and individuals can find the right approach, courses and funding. More...


“Learn as if you were to live forever”

With summer holidays a distant memory, autumn is the time when thoughts turn to studying for work or pleasure. What and where are the opportunities? More...


Looking for a training course - how the Web can help

Unemployment is back in the headlines but training and qualifications can help protect you from the recession. We look at the skills most valued by employers and how the Web can help you find them. More...


It’s never too late to learn

If you’re looking for a job (see our advice on the front page) and need some extra training, or want to improve your promotion prospects, then finding the right course is vital. We look at the best places for training courses and advice. More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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