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Internet via other DNS servers

We don’t realise this, but our Internet providers are using DNS, a system which translates Internet names into IP addresses. The free service OpenDNS can do this as well and offers several extra features into the bargain. Is it worthwhile? More...


How fast is your connection?

Providers (ISPs) may promise great speeds but are you surfing the super-highway or are you stuck in the shallows? Here’s how to find out. More...


Switching makes sense

With more people now on broadband, suppliers are keener to get existing users to switch. How can you find the best deal? More...


Spinning around the UK Web


Spinning around the UK Web


And the winners for the best ISPs are...

The ISP “Oscars” - The UK Internet Industry Awards - took place recently. We look at the winners and the competition for consumers and business. More...
Last updated: 05.08.2020

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