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Less is more: create order in your webmail

Webmail services sometimes look unnecessarily complex or messy. The following tips will help you to reduce the overload and allow you to work much more efficiently. More...


Migrating from Gmail

Suppose you want to quit using Gmail (for instance for privacy reasons) and you would like to migrate all your e-mail and contacts to an alternative. What are your options and how do you tackle this? More...


News from Gmail

The mobile Gmail app remained virtually unchanged for ages, but an update has recently been released. In addition, we’ve got some news concerning other versions of Gmail. So here’s an update… More...


Back up your webmail

It can be useful to make a local backup of your webmail, for example, if your account is hacked or if you want to switch to another webmail service. What is the best way to do this? More...


Add-ons for Gmail

The new version of Gmail can be expanded with lots of add-ons which add useful functions to the program. What are they and which add-ons should you definitely try? More...


Getting started with the new Gmail

Earlier in 2018 we introduced the completely revamped version of the popular Gmail webmail service. How do you get the most out of your Gmail account? Here are our tips. More...

E-MAIL - WEBMAIL revamped

The webmail app has been around for a long time, but it looks quite different now than in the early days. As it is, useful new features are rolled out regularly. Here are some of them. More...


The “new” Gmail for smarter e-mailing

After having remained more or less the same for many years, Gmail has been completely revamped. What can you expect, and is this really an improvement? More...


Webmail plus calendar

Most webmail services come with a calendar. However, the integration between both tends to be less efficient in webmail than in for instance the Outlook software. How do Gmail and score in this regard? More...


Extra e-mail tools for Chrome

Do you frequently use a webmail application in your Chrome browser? Here are some free extensions for Chrome which add useful extra functions to manage your e-mail. More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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