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Enhance your WordPress blog with themes and plug-ins

After you’ve created a blog in WordPress, you can fully customise it by using themes and plug-ins. How does this work, and where do you find interesting themes? More...


Your first steps as a blogger

Suppose you wish to create a blog for keeping people informed of your business, products or personal interests. Where do you start and which services are best? More...


Make your blog more attractive

The popularity of your blog or site not only depends on the quality of your texts, but also on the attractive presentation of the content. How do you add images and audio to your writing without any hassle? The free Apture service can help. More...


Blogging by e-mail

If you operate a blog, some subscribers will probably keep track of your new posts via an RSS news feed. However, not everyone is familiar with RSS. Instead, you can offer them a subscription to your blog by e-mail. How does it work? More...


Blogging by e-mail

It sometimes happens that you have no access to a browser or dedicated blogging software for writing and publishing your daily blog posts. But you can forward your posts to your blog via e-mail as well. How do you do that? More...


Rev up your blog with FeedBurner

Professional bloggers often use FeedBurner when they want to promote their blog. What makes FeedBurner stand out from the crowd? We check out one of Google’s latest acquisitions. More...


Blog: online service or software?

Weblogs, or “blogs” for short, are here to stay. If you’re planning to start your own blog, there are various blog services or programs around. Here’s an overview. More...


Blogs for family and friends only

Although millions of Internet users are already running a blog, there are many others who don’t fancy one that can be read by everyone. If you belong to the second category, check out the new blogging service called Vox. More...
Last updated: 05.08.2020

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