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Managing waste, not wasting money

With the current focus on the environment, there will be more regulation in the UK’s waste management sector. We look at obligations and benefits for SMEs. More...


Saving energy - benefits for business

It’s almost universally understood that climate change poses a threat to world order. But what can businesses do to improve their bottom line? More...


Recycling and reusing

Everyone has items they no longer want and those same things may be just what other people are looking for. How can the Web bring the two together? More...


Can you go green and save money?

Choosing to follow a greener lifestyle need not be expensive. We show you where to look for money-saving green solutions in four key areas. More...


Energy-efficient computers

All computers consume electricity, even if you leave them idle for a while. Here’s a comparison of tools that promise to keep energy consumption under control. More...


Is green motoring worth it?

Are there any financial as well as environmental benefits for the private or business motorist in buying and driving “low emission” cars? We check out the websites that can give you all the “green” information. More...


Energy-friendly computers

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important issue. However, we don’t always realise that computers consume a lot of electricity as well. How do you keep your computer’s energy consumption under control? More...


Spinning around the UK Web


Our climate: for better or for worse

A lot is being said and written about our climate of late: summers are too wet, winters too warm, etc. Where on the Web do you find neutral and reliable information on this - life or death - topic? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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