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Help, I clicked on a malware link! What now?

As you will certainly know by now, it’s definitely not a good idea to click on an unknown hyperlink as you can unwittingly download malware in this way. What can you do if you inadvertently click on such a link? More...


Does Windows 7 firewall offer adequate protection?

Ever since Windows XP, Windows comes with a firewall, but only on Windows 7 does it offer all-out protection. How do you best use it, and is this firewall sufficient? More...


Windows Firewall: how fireproof is it?

Windows XP (SP2) and Vista are both equipped with a firewall which is activated by default. How well does it protect your system, and are there any good free alternatives? More...


Firewalls for Vista

For an effective protection of your computer, a firewall is an absolute must. However, many firewalls have been slow in developing full compatibility with Vista. We check the status today. More...


Protected by a firewall

Firewall software is vital for alerting you to suspect Internet traffic (malware, hackers, etc.). We put four free programs to the test. More...


Are you really really secure?

You’re probably running a firewall, a virus scanner plus a spyware tool. But do they make your computer really safe? The free Active Security Monitor program performs various security tests. How well does it do its job? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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