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Safe encryption

The best method for preventing non-authorised people from having access to your data is by having thorough encryption. Here are some free data-encryption tools. More...


Protect your Microsoft Office documents

If you work with sensitive or confidential information, you will of course want to shield it from prying eyes. How can you protect your Office documents, spreadsheets or presentations? More...


Encrypt an entire disk or partition

The best way to make your data inaccessible to others is good encryption. There are lots of encryption tools, but if you have the right Windows version, there’s also a reliable built-in solution: BitLocker. More...


A (false) feeling of security…

The Internet is crawling with tools and services for encrypting your files. What should you pay attention to when choosing such a tool? Which programs can we recommend and which ones are best avoided? More...


Safe in the cloud

When you post files in the cloud, e.g. Dropbox, they will be encrypted automatically by the service. If you think this isn’t safe enough, however, you can encrypt them yourself using the free Boxcryptor. How does it work? More...


Digipass for your favourite websites


Your files secure in the cloud

Cloud services such as Dropbox and Skydrive give you access to your files anywhere. However, to make really sure that no one can access important or sensitive files, it’s best to encrypt them. How? More...


Send files securely

Sending a file via e-mail is fast and easy. However, e-mail is not encrypted and therefore not really safe. How can you send sensitive or confidential files to others safely? More...


Protect your USB stick against prying eyes

You probably store many files on a USB stick. These compact sticks are very handy… but they are easy to lose. How can you make sure that your files on your stick are not accessible to others? More...


Protecting files and folders

If you have confidential or sensitive files on your hard disk, you’ll want to protect this information from anyone else using your computer. The best solution is to encrypt the information. But how can you do that? More...
Last updated: 14.12.2018

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