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Ransomware - after WannaCry

It’s important to keep on top of the latest ransomware developments and threats, as well as other security issues. We see how the Internet can help. More...


Which type of virus scan is best?

Antivirus programs continuously and automatically try to protect you against malware and ransomware. However, it is recommended you launch your own scans on a regular basis. When is it best to perform them and which type? More...


Windows security

As you know, Windows 10 comes with many security functions. However, most of them are hidden. What are they, and how do you configure them in order to increase your system’s security? More...


Help, I clicked on a malware link! What now?

As you will certainly know by now, it’s definitely not a good idea to click on an unknown hyperlink as you can unwittingly download malware in this way. What can you do if you inadvertently click on such a link? More...


Free antivirus tools - which are best?

Everyone should protect their computer against viruses and other malware. There are lots of free tools around for this purpose. Which one is currently the most effective? More...


Protect your data in the cloud

It goes without saying that you should protect your local device properly. However, you shouldn’t neglect your online data. How do you prevent unwanted access to your surfing traffic, chats, e-mails and cloud storage? More...


Better protection against hackers

Hackers not only target big organisations, SMEs and private individuals may also have interesting information, e.g., credit-card details and login IDs. What precautions should you take? More...


Is your computer vulnerable to Spectre and Meltdown?

Modern processors contain two flaws - Spectre and Meltdown - which allow malware to steal information from your computer memory. What can you do to protect yourself? More...


Terrified of ransomware?

The press keep coming up with scary reports of ransomware causing havoc in businesses, public services and on private computers. What should you know about ransomware? More...


Are you unwittingly “mining” bitcoins?

You’ve probably heard about a new type of malware which hijacks your browser in order to “mine” bitcoins surreptitiously. What is this all about and how can you prevent it? More...
Last updated: 22.03.2019

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