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What’s new in the Windows 10 May Update?

Once or twice a year, Microsoft offers a major update for its Windows 10 operating system. With some delay, the May update has been released. What does it have to offer? More...


Tips for the Windows 10 October update

A few weeks ago the October Update for Windows 10 was released. The following tips will help you to work even more efficiently with the latest version of this operating system. More...


Update your Windows 10 with the “Creators Update”

Windows recently released a free Creators Update for Windows 10. How do you install this update and what new features does it offer? More...


Keep Windows 10 up to date

To make Windows 10 run safely and make it more stable, you not only need to keep Windows itself up to date, but your programs and drivers too. Here are some free tools that can help you (also in previous Windows versions). More...


Clean up Windows

If Windows has been running on your computer for a long time, it will pay to remove old software and superfluous files a couple of times a year. How do you do this in Windows 7, 8 or 10? More...


Tips and trick for Windows 10

If you’ve installed Windows 10, you probably haven’t found your way around yet. Here are some handy tips and tricks to help you work more efficiently with the new Windows. More...


Tips and tricks for Windows 10

The free preview version of the upcoming Windows update, Windows 10, has been available for downloading for a while now. Here are some handy tips for the early downloaders. More...


Running old programs in “XP Mode”

Do you have some old programs which are no longer working (well) in Windows 7? Windows XP Mode could be something for you. What is it and how do you get started? More...


Five useful tips for Windows 7

Are you using Windows 7 already or are you planning to make the switch shortly? Here are five - somewhat technical - tips which may come in handy at one time or another. More...


Is your computer ready for Windows 7?

Windows 7 was launched recently. If you wish to upgrade your computer to this new version of Windows, how can you do so easily without any problems? More...
Last updated: 15.07.2020

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