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What do the big web services know about you?

Many web services let you access an “archive” containing all the information that they keep about you. How does this work in practice? More...


Don’t give access to your accounts just like that!

Some online services demand access to your e-mail account, other apps request access to your social network or cloud storage. Is it a good idea to consent to this? More...


What permissions should you give Facebook?

To comply with the new European privacy regulations, Facebook will explicitly ask you to grant certain permissions in the coming weeks. Which permissions should you grant and what should you pay attention to? More...


How should you protect your Facebook data?

As you will have heard, data from millions of Facebook users has been stolen in order to influence the American elections. How do you best protect your Facebook data? More...


Better control of your privacy

When using a computer, and especially while accessing the Internet, you inevitably leave traces behind, some of this data may be privacy-sensitive. How can you keep this under control? More...


Protect your privacy in Facebook

Many Facebook users have problems checking what information is public or accessible to friends only. Using the proper settings, and making a number of changes, you can drastically improve your privacy. More...


Increase the privacy of your smartphone

Most smartphone default settings are aimed at user comfort rather than at personal information protection. If you set great store by your privacy, how do you change these settings? More...


Privacy on your smartphone

We previously detailed some basic measures you can take to protect your smartphone: set up an access code and automatic locking, activate the “Find my device” function, etc. What else is needed to protect your information? More...


Hiding from prying eyes?

The news stories about Prism clearly demonstrate how the American NSA is capable of intercepting all electronic communication. What can you do to protect your online privacy at least to a certain extent? More...


Privacy protectors: do they really work?

As we all know, the Internet is an open book. However, there are so-called privacy protectors which purport to protect your private data on the Internet. What do they do, and are they effective? More...
Last updated: 25.02.2020

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