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Never miss anything on eBay

Sustainable entrepreneurship also means: reusing things. On eBay, you’ll find a lot of products that you can give a second life to in your business or at home. With the following tips, you’ll never miss out on them. More...


Gift hunting on eBay?

If you’re looking for gifts to buy, you might be tempted to shop on eBay. That’s a good idea, but buying on eBay is not the same as buying on, say, Amazon. The following tips will increase your chances of success. More...


Find everything on eBay

With over 800 million sellers and 160 million buyers, eBay remains a huge online marketplace, and it keeps on growing. We looked for tools which help you to find what you’re looking for. More...


Selling on eBay

The popular auction site eBay is not only popular among private individuals but also for professional traders. You can use this channel profitably to sell your products. We compare the private versus business accounts. More...


Tips for the budding eBay buyer

Buying things on eBay is very different to buying in an ordinary online shop. There are certain aspects you should pay careful attention to, especially if you buy something on eBay for the first time. More...


Selling things on eBay

Do you have lots of things lying about which you will never use any more? Or did you receive a number of unwanted gifts for your birthday? You can sell them easily on eBay. How exactly? More...


Smarter searching and buying at eBay

Successful buying at eBay is not just a matter of making the right bid at the right time. You should first find the right item to bid on! Here are a couple of services that can help you. More...


Three tools for eBay

Each year around New Year, eBay welcomes 50% more visitors. A great proportion of these are unwanted presents, which the unfortunate recipients offer for sale again! Which three tools make this auction site easier to use? More...


Give eBay an extra push

During the Christmas period, the number of eBay visitors almost doubled compared with the same period last year. Which tools help you to make the most of this hugely popular online auction site? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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