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Collect all your newspapers and magazines

You can of course follow the latest news via the website or app of your favourite newspaper or magazine. However, there are platforms that bundle different news sources for you. Here are some examples. More...


Google News renewed

You can easily keep track of the news at any time of the day using your computer or smartphone. You’re probably using the app or the website of your favourite newspaper for this purpose. The new Google News bundles all this for you. More...


Looking for regional news?

The Internet is full of news sites, but the international news is generally provided by the major press agencies. Where can you find a more local look on a specific region? More...


Checking the news

The ITV news site has been revamped in an attempt to get some more visitors. We take the opportunity to check out the various web-based UK alternatives. More...


The latest news viewed differently

You probably have several favourite news sources, but at times alternative news sites are launched. They typically aim at a “different” presentation of the news. To what extent do they succeed? More...


News sites: something different

On the The New York Times website you can now only read 20 articles per month free of charge. This is an excellent opportunity to examine the alternative online news sites. More...


The international headlines collected

Major news sites such as BBC News and CNN show up-to-the-minute international headlines. However, sites which collect all these sources are even more convenient. Does the new Google Fast Flip offer any extra value? More...


The NYT and the FT for free?

News channel CNN can now be watched entirely via the Internet, free of charge. And two other major news groups have decided to make (part of) their online news available to everyone for free. Let’s check them out. More...


News about news

News channel CNN can now be watched entirely via the Internet, free of charge. Are there any other interesting developments in the world of online news sources? We check what’s new! More...


What’s happening in the world?

There’s no shortage of news sites. However, their stories are often provided by the same press agencies and are therefore quite similar. Where do you turn if you want to have a local take on a country or a region? More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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