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Watch a good film or TV series tonight

Thanks to streaming video services such as Netflix, or the paid for film channels offered by your cable provider, the choice of series and films has become bigger than ever. How do you make the right choice? More...


Manage your film collection

For film information and reviews, there’s the excellent IMDb. However, if you have a large collection of films on DVD or videos on your computer, there are also dedicated tools that can help you to manage it. More...


Walking and cycling with Google Maps


Listen to what others have to say

Are you planning a visit to the cinema shortly, or are you thinking of buying a DVD or CD? Then it’s a good idea to browse through some reviews first. Where do you find them online? More...


With a bag of popcorn in front of your computer...

Joost, the online television service, can now be viewed directly in your browser. How good is Joost and are there any alternatives in the field of online television? More...


A change is gonna come... probably

Apple TV, due to launch its movie download service, looks set to shake up the DVD rental sector. But with no confirmed date, we view the market leaders. More...


Enhancing YouTube

Video-sharing site YouTube is hugely popular: more than 100 million clips are viewed every day! To get even more out of this Google-owned programme, try the following free services. More...


Spinning around the UK Web


Spinning around the UK Web


Flixter, a community for film fans

“Community” is the buzz-word of the month: there’s YouTube for videos, MySpace for music, Flickr for photographs, ... And now there’s Flixter for film reviews. How good is it? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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