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Clean up your desktop!

Most people’s Windows desktop is a hotchpotch of program shortcuts, files, documents and folders. How can you clean up this mess and work faster?

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Working efficiently thanks to templates

To make a text more attractive to readers or to visualise your ideas better, you can use a template if you don’t want to start from scratch. Where can you find good templates? More...


Not too much e-mail, please

The holidays are drawing near. Great, but are you already dreading the e-mail chaos that you will find in your mailbox on your return? Here are some ways to avoid it. More...


Multiple displays in Windows 10

It used to be a luxury to work with two monitors, but now most laptop users can work on a separate screen. What is the best way to make optimal use of two screens? More...


Productive during your holiday

For many entrepreneurs, working during the holidays is a necessary evil. The following apps will keep you productive and connected during your holiday. More...


Webpage not found! What do I do?

You sometimes see an error message “404 Not Found” (or a variant of this message) when trying to access a webpage. How can you still find what you’re looking if this happens? More...
Last updated: 17.08.2018

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