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Who should be the executor of your will?

It goes without saying that every business owner should make a will. When doing so you must nominate at least one executor to administer your estate. But who should you select to carry out this all-important role? More...


Planning business transfers for maximum benefit

Whether you’re looking to sell your company in a few years, or hand over the reigns to the next generation, how can you realise maximum value and ensure that the company stays in good shape for the future? More...


Wills, do I really need one?

Soon to be introduced changes in the law mean that when you die your partner may be financially better off. But does it necessarily follow that there’s now no need to make a will? More...


Passing on the family business

You’re getting near to retirement and considering passing the business onto your son and daughter. What’s the most tax-effective way to do so? Is there anything you should be doing now? More...
Last updated: 23.01.2020

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