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Time to get rid of the company car?

These days there’s a high tax and NI cost associated with a company car and it creeps up each year. If it’s more than a few years old it might be more tax efficient to transfer ownership to you. When is the right time to make the change? More...


The trouble with pool cars

HMRC is known for challenging businesses that provide pool cars for employees. If it succeeds it’s not just your employees that face extra tax, your business will have to pay NI contributions too. What can you do to protect against this? More...


What are the best company cars for tax deductions?

Usually, it takes decades for businesses to obtain tax relief for the full cost of a car. However, some automatically qualify for relief sooner, while for others you can take steps to legitimately speed it up. How’s it done? More...


Driving for work: the MOT rule changes

On 20 May 2018 the MOT test - which applies to all vehicles three years and older - will change, introducing a more stringent testing regime. What do you need to know? More...


Reducing the tax cost of a family car

You want to help one of your children buy a car. A friend suggests you do it through your company to reduce the cost. You’re not sure it will work because company cars trigger tax and NI charges. Are you right? More...


Car schemes that keep a lid on costs

Providing company cars isn’t cheap, but paying staff to use their own vehicles has caused you trouble in the past. Could joining one or more car clubs provide a low cost and viable solution? More...


Tax deductions - what’s the best company car?

Tax relief for the cost of company cars can be allowed all in one year or take over 20 years. This makes a big difference to your cash flow. What types of car should you choose for the best results? More...


Can driving lessons save you money?

One of your reps broke her leg in a car accident en route to a prospective customer. It will cost you in lost time and new business. Are there any measures you can take to reduce the risk of something similar happening again? More...


Company cars - tax-efficient classics

Every year the CO2 limits used to work out company car tax change. As a result a tax-efficient car bought several years ago might now be costing a small fortune in tax. How does buying an even older car potentially lower your tax bill? More...


Driving licence check codes

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