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Time to get rid of the company car?

These days there’s a high tax and NI cost associated with a company car and it creeps up each year. If it’s more than a few years old it might be more tax efficient to transfer ownership to you. When is the right time to make the change? More...


The trouble with pool cars

HMRC is known for challenging businesses that provide pool cars for employees. If it succeeds it’s not just your employees that face extra tax, your business will have to pay NI contributions too. What can you do to protect against this? More...


Mileage allowances and borrowed cars

Your car was off the road for a long period during which time you borrowed your partner’s. Your bookkeeper says you can claim tax-free mileage for business trips you make in it. Given that it’s not your car, can this be right? More...


Are you reclaiming all the VAT you can on company cars?

A car salesperson is pushing the benefits of leasing a company car - especially the VAT angle. He says this is unlike an outright purchase because you can reclaim VAT on lease payments. Is he right? More...


What’s the trouble with fuel for company cars?

If your business provides company cars you need to take extra care in accounting for the cost of fuel. Get it wrong and your business and the driver will be hit with hefty tax and NI bills. What’s the problem and how can you avoid it? More...


Should your next company car be a van?

While the tax advantage of having a certain type of company van as a perk has reduced slightly, they remain tax efficient. But how do the tax charges compare to those for company cars? More...


Car expenses - how much is tax free?

If you use your own car for work your company can pay you a tax and NI-free allowance based on mileage you travel on business. But if your motoring costs exceed this can you claim extra tax relief? More...


Road tax changes on 1 October

From 1 October 2014 it will no longer be a legal requirement to display a valid tax disc in any company-owned or personal vehicle. However, you will still need to stump up for road tax. How is the new system going to work? More...


Mileage allowances under threat from HMRC

We’ve been tipped off that HMRC is looking for easy targets to investigate and mileage allowances are near the top of its list. What steps can you take to ensure that you’re fully protected against an attack from the Taxman? More...


Company cars - new tax rules

In February 2014 the Upper Tax Tribunal ruled that a scheme which involved leasing cars to employees to reduce the benefit in kind tax was valid. Can your company use a similar arrangement to lower the tax on your company car? More...
Last updated: 21.05.2019

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