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Flexible insurance brings savings

The insurance market is notoriously slow to move with the times, but there have been developments in recent years that could save you money. What are these more flexible insurance options? More...


Motor insurance claims - don’t get short changed

The Competition Commission is to investigate motor insurers over the costs in connection with accident claims. But to keep your costs down what should you advise your employees to do if they’re in an accident in a company vehicle? More...


Business trips - are your employees covered?

Asking an employee to drop something off on their way home isn’t an uncommon request. However it cost one employer £1 million when the employee had a fatal accident. What steps can you take to avoid this potentially costly trap? More...


Are you sure your car is fully covered?

You might think that as your company car is covered by comprehensive insurance, if the worst happens and it’s written off or stolen, you or your business won’t be out of pocket. You’re probably wrong. Why, and how can you fix this problem? More...


The hidden cost of lower car insurance

Car insurance is currently one of the most competitive markets, which is good news for companies aiming to cut costs. But before you sign up for that unmissable deal, what should you be looking out for in the small print? More...


Some motor insurance escapes EU ruling


An age-related problem with insurance

The directors have been thinking about putting a new member of staff on to the company’s motor insurance policy. But because he’s under 25 it means that the premium will go up. What are the viable options here? More...


Electronic motor insurance policies

Following a change in the law, insurers are now able to issue motor insurance policies by e-mail. Sounds good, so how else might this benefit directors? More...


Car cover savings

Like many companies you probably run several vehicles. Insuring them is expensive (especially following a claim) so should you cover them all under a fleet policy or is there a cost-effective alternative? More...
Last updated: 17.05.2019

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