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The benefits of share purchase agreements

The directors are considering acquiring another private company through a share buy-out. Should they go ahead, they’ve been advised to insist on a share purchase agreement (SPA). What are the benefits of this? More...


Staff problems on a transfer

The directors are looking at taking over another company which has a few employees. Everything seems fine and they’ve all got sound employment contracts. But are there any other issues you should confirm before you buy? More...


Getting your business fit to sell

You’re thinking of selling up but want to get your business in good shape first. So what are the most important employee-related issues to consider when getting your business fit for sale? More...


The risk business

You’re in the process of buying another business. Everything seems to check out but you’re worried that some of the seller’s claims about his business might be sugar coated. How can you protect your investment? More...


How to avoid buying a pig in a poke

You’re expanding your company and considering making your first acquisition. How can you make sure the business is everything the seller says it is? What can you do to protect your position? More...


Preparing for the beauty parade

You’re beginning to get itchy feet and have started having thoughts about selling up. What are the key elements to ensure that the company looks good and is therefore easy to sell at the best possible price? More...


Buy right

You want to grow your business by acquiring another company but you’re worried that it could be a complicated and costly exercise. What are the key things to consider to ensure a trouble-free purchase? More...


Guaranteed safety

You’re in the process of buying another company to expand your business. However, you’re concerned that the seller might have made their business look better than it really is. How can you buy yourself some protection? More...


No can of worms

You want to expand your business by taking over another company. As this will involve buying their shares, what sort of measures should you include in the agreement to ensure you’re not (personally) liable for their problems? More...
Last updated: 21.08.2019

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