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Online v face-to-face meetings

The accounts show that travel expenses for your business have increased again. Can new video chat technology allow you to keep a handle on costs without staff missing out on key meetings and events? More...


The new Whatsapp for Business app


Fined £40,000 for sending marketing texts

The Information Commissioner’s Office has fined one small company £40,000 after it sent marketing communications to potential customers via text message. Why were its actions unacceptable? More...


Who owns the content of directors’ e-mails?

In a recent case, a company sought copies of all work-related e-mails sent by its former CEO via his personal computer. However, the High Court refused its request. Does that mean these communications are “private”? More...


Sign up for eReminders


Can you send e-invoices?

To save costs, one of your fellow directors has suggested sending e-invoices to your customers rather than paper ones. But another colleague says they aren’t legally enforceable and so can be more trouble than they’re worth. Who’s right? More...


Binding contract or just an exchange of e-mails?

A recent High Court case shows us just how easy (and potentially expensive) it can be for a company to be caught up in a binding contract following an exchange of e-mails. So how can the directors ensure that this doesn’t happen? More...


Facing up to Facebook


Corporate blogging - the pitfalls

A fellow company director has just told you he’s set up a blog to promote his company. It’s something you’ve been thinking of doing but what are the risks and pitfalls of this type of publicity? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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