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The director who wrongly shut up shop

When the UK Border Agency (UKBA) imposed a £25,000 fine on a small company its director thought he would get around the problem by shutting up shop. Why did this turn out to be a fatal mistake for him personally? More...


How to start a court claim

An invoice worth several thousand pounds is still outstanding. The directors all agree it’s now time to get tough on the debtor, but it’s the first time they’ve ever had to resort to the courts. How do they start the claim? More...


Don’t advertise (with) the 2012 Olympics

Many businesses will benefit from the 2012 Olympic Games. But if you’re thinking of incorporating it into next year’s marketing strategy, you might want to think again. Get it wrong and there are some serious risks - what’s to know? More...


Director fined £5,500 for fire safety breaches

Last updated: 22.10.2019

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