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New trade marks rules

The Trade Marks Regulations 2018 will come into force on 14 January 2019. They make changes to the registration of UK trade marks and remove a legal protection. What’s happening? More...


Getting one up on the competition

You want to know more about what a competitor can offer potential customers. It’s been suggested that one of your trusted employees goes in, or phones, asking for some information. Is this okay or a step too far? More...


Fixing a damaged online reputation

Your business has received some unwarranted negative reviews online. An organisation has since contacted you claiming they can “fix your reputation” - for a nice fee, of course. Should you take up their offer? More...


Who owns those business cards?

Whilst carrying out their role, a director will collect a large bundle of business cards from potential contacts or clients. If that director then leaves, perhaps to go to a rival company, do they have the right to keep and use them? More...


The dangers of that perfect website picture

Having carried out an online search, a fellow director has spotted a picture which will look great on the company’s new website. It doesn’t appear to belong to anyone, so is it safe to save the image and then use it as your own? More...


Copyright: don’t copy that disc!

Microsoft has alleged that the retailer Comet recently breached its copyright by creating software recovery discs as a “gesture of goodwill” for its customers. So why is this “IT favour” potentially problematic? More...


Extra protection for your brand

Last updated: 03.07.2020

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