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Brexit and the new portal

The Department for International Trade was set up following the Brexit vote to help UK businesses secure overseas trade deals. To achieve this aim, it has launched the new portal. What is it and should you use it? More...


ExploreExport 2014: is it worth it?

From 7-14 November 2014 UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is running ExploreExport 2014 which is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that want to export their products and services overseas. Is it worth attending? More...


Australia wants to do business!

Apparently, Australia is crying out for trade links with smaller UK companies and is able to offer you some “massive business opportunities”. Where can you find out more information? More...


Should I ask for a letter of credit?

The current economic problems could hit your overseas customers as hard as those in the UK. So is a letter of credit a good and cost effective way of ensuring payment? More...
Last updated: 26.06.2019

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