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Company shareholdings and divorce

In the event of a divorce it would be highly unusual for the courts to award a former spouse any company-owned assets, e.g. a car. But what about a director’s shareholdings? Can they be forcibly redistributed? More...


Can you give your shares away?

Your accountant has suggested you transfer some of your shares to your partner for tax reasons. You mentioned it to your fellow directors but they aren’t keen on the idea. Does company law give them the power to block you? More...


Simple ways to keep control of a family company

As your family company expands to include younger generations and their partners so does the risk of disputes and the worry that a divorce could split the business. What steps can you take to stop this happening? More...


EIS tax incentives for family company

Your company needs a cash injection to expand and you think the generous tax breaks offered by the enterprise investment scheme (EIS) might entice one or two of your family members to invest. But which relatives can take advantage? More...


IHT and CGT double hit on director’s shares

A recent court case involved a Capital Gains Tax saving scheme on a company buy-out that went wrong. It cost the directors/shareholders £1.3 million in tax. What’s the full story? More...


Less is more when it comes to IHT reliefs

As a director, a large part of your estate might rest in the value of your company shares. And when drawing up your will it might seem the obvious thing to leave these to your spouse, but will this play straight into the Taxman’s hands? More...


Giving shares to the kids

The Taxman has special anti-avoidance rules for directors who try to save tax by shifting some of their income to their kids. But as they won’t stay children forever, can income shifting work for you as a long-term plan? More...
Last updated: 13.12.2019

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