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Tribunal rules on tax deduction for children’s wages

The First-tier Tax Tribunal (FTT) recently ruled on whether a business owner was entitled to a tax deduction from his profits for wages paid to his adult son. What was the outcome? More...


The NMW and family members

As a general rule, all workers must receive the minimum wage rate that’s appropriate for their age. But what happens if your business employs family members - is there any exemption available? More...


Simple ways to keep control of a family company

As your family company expands to include younger generations and their partners so does the risk of disputes and the worry that a divorce could split the business. What steps can you take to stop this happening? More...


Wife takes her husband to the tribunal (and back)

Many directors involve their spouse, or partner, in the running of their company; this is often seen as the safest approach. But suppose they had an employment dispute which turned ugly? Would the tribunal give it the time of day? More...


The trouble with employing family members

It’s quite possible that you have one or two family members on your company’s payroll. With such a close connection you might be tempted to ignore all the employment rules. But what are the risks in taking this approach? More...
Last updated: 22.05.2020

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