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The pros and cons of a DIY divorce

Apparently, 42% of marriages will end in divorce. If lawyers are instructed to argue over maintenance and/or the division of assets, the process can end up costing thousands of pounds. Is a DIY divorce the answer? More...


Company shareholdings and divorce

In the event of a divorce it would be highly unusual for the courts to award a former spouse any company-owned assets, e.g. a car. But what about a director’s shareholdings? Can they be forcibly redistributed? More...


Divorce and your inheritance

We recently advised you that company-owned assets can’t be seized by your spouse during a divorce. But what about any inheritance? Does that get carved up in the process too? More...


Breaking up is hard to do - for directors

In case of a break up where both you and your spouse own shares in your company, you’ll need to act fast to avoid a potentially huge tax bill. What’s the problem and how can you dodge it? More...


Wife takes her husband to the tribunal (and back)

Many directors involve their spouse, or partner, in the running of their company; this is often seen as the safest approach. But suppose they had an employment dispute which turned ugly? Would the tribunal give it the time of day? More...
Last updated: 28.05.2020

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