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Should you go plastic free?

83% of SMEs say plastic is a problem but they are struggling to know what to do about it. Are there any easy, low-cost steps you can take to stay on the right side of clients and ahead of any new regulations? More...


Bulbs ban in force

You’ve heard that there’s another ban in place on the use of inefficient light bulbs. Which type of bulb is it this time and are the changes good or bad news for business? More...


Plastic-free fantastic?

Businesses have been falling over themselves to launch crackdowns on the plastic they use. But is it unwise, too costly and too early to jump on to this particular green bandwagon? More...


The Green Deal, solar power and lower feed-in tariffs

You were thinking of taking up one of the deals offered by solar panel companies to help cut your firm’s energy costs. You’ve now heard that the government has withdrawn support for these schemes. So are they still worth bothering with? More...
Last updated: 09.12.2019

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