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Where to start with plastic?

The small coffee shop chain that banned the use of disposable cups has lost £250,000 in sales, but now plans to introduce even more restrictions. What’s the story and what can you learn from it? More...


Bulbs ban in force

You’ve heard that there’s another ban in place on the use of inefficient light bulbs. Which type of bulb is it this time and are the changes good or bad news for business? More...


£4 million for plastic waste reduction ideas


Don’t ditch the diesel just yet

According to the RAC, more than 30% of small businesses are considering moving away from diesel-powered cars and vans. Should you follow their lead or sit tight? More...


5p bags all round?

The government has announced that it wants to extend the 5p charge on plastic carrier bags to small retailers. What do you need to know about the proposal and is this likely to be good news or bad? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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