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New waste regulations for businesses

You’ve heard that the waste handling regulations were changed recently and the new rules will affect most companies. What steps do you need to take to stay on the right side of the law? More...


Will batteries in your waste bin get you a penalty?

One of your fellow directors has told you that recent regulations mean you could face a stiff fine if your company doesn’t dispose of the batteries it uses in the approved way. Does this mean that you now need a special system? More...


Could you be fined £250k by the Environment Agency?

The Environment Agency has been granted extra powers which allow it to take swift and draconian action against companies that cause pollution. As a director, it’s your neck on the line, so what should you be doing to stay out of trouble? More...


Do you need to register your waste packaging?

In a recent case, a company was fined £10,000 for not registering with the Environment Agency (EA) under the waste packaging regulations. As a director, is this something that you should be concerned about? More...


Got your EPC yet?

The deadline for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for commercial properties passed on October 1. Have you got yours? In fact, you may not need one - so what’s the story? More...


Environmental law - time to worry?

A recent survey indicates that most company directors still aren’t aware of their environmental obligations. Should you be worried? More...


Computer disposal

You’re replacing all the computers in your office and you’ve heard that there are regulations on how companies dispose of the old ones. What do you need to know to make sure you don’t fall foul of the law? More...


Is it really a problem?

The new rules on managing asbestos have now been in force for a couple of years. With talk of directors going to jail, what’s been the reality? More...
Last updated: 13.12.2019

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