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How is a non-executive director paid?

It’s been suggested that, in order to help the company grow, a non-executive director (NED) with specific skills, expertise and contacts should be brought in. Assuming you went down this route, how can the NED be paid? More...


Would you like to be a non-executive director?

An up and coming company requires a non-executive director (NED) and has approached you about taking on the role. It seems like the ideal way to utilise your experience, but where do you stand when it comes to liability? More...


Conflicts with non-executive directors

Many companies appoint non-executive directors as “expert advisors” to the board. They are supposed to be independent, but what if you discover that they are also advising a rival? Is that a breach of their duty? More...


A tax break for non-executive directors

The head of a company is retiring but the board want to keep him on as a non-executive director to help them through the transition. Someone has suggested it will save tax if he supplies his services on a freelance basis. Is this true? More...


The worth of NED

A colleague has been raving about a recently appointed non-executive director (NED). You’d always thought they were just the preserve of public companies. But could a NED really add value to your business? More...


Super hero on board?

Recent statistics suggest that most SMEs don’t have a non-executive director - they’re just for the big boys aren’t they? But if you’re a growing company, could they be a good investment? More...
Last updated: 09.04.2020

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