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TAX - IR35

IR35 defeat for HMRC

A tax tribunal recently ruled against HMRC in an IR35 dispute. The decision throws further doubt over the effectiveness of HMRC’s employment status tool. So, should you bother with it? More...


HMRC’s guide to the new benefits rules

New rules for “making good” benefits in kind apply for 2017/18, including a change to the deadline. What do employers and employees need to know? More...


Lending to your business tax efficiently

Your business needs extra cash. While you have the funds available, it might be more tax efficient if the money came from your spouse because they pay tax at a lower rate than you. How can you arrange the transaction to take advantage? More...


A potentially healthy perk that’s also tax and NI free

You’re looking for ideas to encourage interaction between your staff so they work better as a team. One of your colleagues says that HMRC allows employers to provide recreational activities as a tax-free perk. How does it work? More...


How to escape increased taxes on company loans

HMRC’s official rate of interest is at an all time low. That’s good news if you’ve borrowed money from your company, but eventually the rate is bound to rise. Is there a way to dodge a corresponding increase in your tax bill? More...


What’s a director worth to your company?

HMRC disapproves of director shareholders paying their spouses a salary from the business solely to reduce tax. It considers such arrangements unfair avoidance. Is there an alternative which won’t cause problems with HMRC? More...


Using your home for business and capital gains tax

You’ve converted a room in your house into a study so that you can work at home more often. A colleague tells you that this can mean that you’ll lose some of the capital gains tax relief that usually applies to homes. Is he right? More...


Tax-free gifts for directors

You’ve heard that HMRC allows employers to make low value, tax-free gifts to staff. However, you want to make a more substantial gift to a director who’s turning 60 at the end of the month. How far will HMRC’s tax-free limit stretch? More...


When is directors’ remuneration “paid” for tax purposes?

The board has approved bonuses for the directors, but due to cash flow they won’t be paid for several months. HMRC claims the PAYE tax and NI on the bonuses is already overdue and a penalty is payable. Can that be right? More...


New tax codes on the way

If you receive benefits in kind as part of your remuneration package you can expect to receive a revised tax code sometime in the next month or two. Why, and what figures should you be checking when it arrives? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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