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HMRC’s attack on company owners

New tax rules will block some of the tax advantages usually given to owner managers when they sell or wind up their company. How might these affect you? More...


How to fund a last minute pension

You’ve left saving for retirement late, but now want to make up time. You’ve shopped around for a suitable pension scheme, but none meet your needs. Is there a company scheme that can give you more time? More...


Are you ready for pensions auto enrolment?

You’ve read in the press that next year compulsory employer pension contributions for all employees will be introduced. Is this correct and are there steps you should be taking to prepare your company for this? More...


The executive pension plan alternative

A salary sacrifice scheme can be an efficient way for you and your employees to make pension contributions, but it can be restrictive and tricky to set up. Is there a trouble-free alternative? More...


Don’t lose your pension payout

Pension experts often encourage diverse pension investments. But chopping and changing pension schemes might result in the cash lump sum you’re entitled to being slashed. What steps can you take to avoid this calamity? More...


Pension premiums - who should pay them?

Tax planning doesn’t have to be complex to be worthwhile. In fact, the simpler the scheme, the less there is to go wrong. So why are thousands of directors not taking advantage of company pension contributions? More...


Delayed pension personal accounts

The government’s big idea for employee pension reforms has recently been rechristened. But it wasn’t just the name that changed. What’s the full story? More...


Topping up your income with a USP

You could do with some cash as you’ve had to reduce your salary to ease your company’s cash flow. A co-director has told you that he’s topped up his income by drawing on his unsecured pension. Is this option open to you? More...


State pension top-up

Last year there were radical changes in the rules that determine how much state pension you could get. The government is now proposing another change that may allow you to buy yet more entitlement. Could this benefit you? More...


SIPP it and see?

Directors’ SIPPS have been widely promoted as vehicles for purchasing residential property and valuable assets such as art and antiques. But are they really something worth considering? More...
Last updated: 25.05.2020

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