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How much to pay your partner?

Business has been going well, so your spouse has decided to join the company as a freelance consultant. But how do you calculate what their charge-out rate should be? More...


Pay dividends before April 6

From April 6 the Taxman will make it much more difficult to save tax by paying dividends to your spouse. What can you do about it? More...


Hiring the family

Many small companies depend on family and friends to help out as and when required, plus it can be an effective tax-saving tactic. But as the Taxman is often suspicious of such arrangements, how can you protect your position? More...


How much can you pay your spouse?

Unhelpfully, the Taxman won’t let your company deduct an excessive wage paid to your partner. So how should you calculate the correct wage to keep on the best side of both your spouse and the Taxman? More...


Who cleans your office?

What if you employ a family member to do the office cleaning - isn’t it a company expense that you can pay from petty cash? What’s changed recently? More...


Need a little elf at Christmas?

You need some temporary staff to help you out during a busy time. If they happen to be members of your family how much can you pay them, tax-free? More...


£43 per hour? That’ll do nicely

Your spouse (or another family member) has just joined your company as a freelance consultant. However, they’re not sure how much their services are worth to your clients. Is there a simple way to calculate charge-out rates? More...


Teenage helpers are tax savers

Your teenage kids are always asking for extra cash - well they do need the latest of everything! Paying them out of your taxed income seems expensive. Is there a way to get your company to pay them instead? More...


Spouse work

You want your partner to do some work for the company. Can it employ them or would it be better for them to be an independent contractor and invoice the company for any work they do? More...
Last updated: 03.06.2020

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