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Time your expenses right or pay extra tax and NI

You might not think twice about paying company expenses from your own pocket and claiming a tax deduction for these. But, if you want reimbursing, it could land your company with extra tax. Is there a more tax-efficient alternative? More...


The HMRC APP that really saves you tax

If you or your employees drive on company business you might be able to make use of HMRC’s tax and NI-free approved passenger payments (APPs). What are they worth and when can you pay them? More...


Can your accountant’s bill be a tax-free perk?

You’re negotiating this year’s fee with your accountant and to clinch the deal for preparing your company’s accounts he offers to complete your tax return for nothing. What will the Taxman make of this? More...


Tax deduction for your household bills

In a recent case the tax tribunal considered an employee’s claim for a deduction from his tax bill in respect of household expenses. It was a mixed result but had the employee been a director could he have claimed more? More...


Advance expenses or a loan - does it make a difference?

Apart from salary you might need some cash from your company to meet future out-of-pocket business expenses. But if you use some of it to pay for, say, a night out with your other half, will it land you with a tax bill? More...


Taxman loses NI argument on benefits

The tax tribunal recently considered the rules that apply for working out income tax and NI where a director has personal use of a company asset. The taxpayer won, but can you rely on this victory to save you NI? More...


The A to Y of travel expenses


Tax deductible apps for your smartphone

You’ve bought an “app” for your smartphone over the Internet which you’ll primarily use on company business. But the invoice is in your name and doesn’t show the VAT paid. Where do you stand with the Taxman if you want to claim tax relief? More...


Home-to-work travel expenses

Following a consultation on home-to-work travel expenses, the Taxman recently announced there’s to be no change to the rules. Could this benefit you? More...


Temporary workplace travel costs

Last updated: 28.05.2020

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