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What are you worth?

You’re about to start a new business but have no idea how much to pay yourself. The idea that you can choose a sum might seem appealing, but how do you calculate a realistic figure? More...


Justify your salary?

The government has announced that it will force companies to publish and justify the pay difference between their directors’ and employees’ salaries from 1 January 2019. Should you be worried by this? More...


New law to replace HMRC concession on directors’ fees

Your business owns shares in a company. Because of this you sit on its board and get paid a director’s fees. Usually, these count as employment income, but you can sometimes get them treated as trading income instead. Why bother? More...


When is directors’ remuneration “paid” for tax purposes?

The board has approved bonuses for the directors, but due to cash flow they won’t be paid for several months. HMRC claims the PAYE tax and NI on the bonuses is already overdue and a penalty is payable. Can that be right? More...


Maximising a director’s entitlement to SMP

Your fellow director is expecting a baby and will be taking time off. The company accountant says that if she increases her salary for just a short time she’ll get more statutory maternity pay (SMP) at little cost to your company. Is he correct? More...


New companies - maximising tax deductions for salary

The end of your company’s first year of business is approaching and you want to pay yourself a modest bonus as you’ve been told this can save tax and NI. But what’s the right amount to pay for maximum efficiency? More...


Another tactic to reduce Child Benefit tax

The tax aimed at clawing back Child Benefit from high earners took effect in January, but now we’re into a new tax year the potential charge is much greater. Why and what tactics can directors use to legitimately avoid it? More...


Year-end tax-saving tips

The current tax year is nearly over and for many companies this coincides with the end of their financial year. In these last few weeks what simple steps can you take to reduce your tax and NI bills? More...


Escaping the tax charge on Child Benefit

Despite many protests, the government is ploughing ahead with its policy of clawing back Child Benefit through the tax system. What steps can directors take to counter this? More...


Challenging a director’s remuneration

There are moves afoot to put the remuneration of directors of PLCs under the public microscope. But what steps can you take as a minority shareholder of a private company if you want to challenge your co-director’s salary package? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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