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Tax traps for company mobile phone users

The Taxman allows companies to pay for a director’s or employee’s mobile phone without it counting as a taxable perk. However, there are conditions which HMRC strictly enforces. How can you avoid falling foul of these? More...


Company perks for your spouse - are they tax efficient?

A subscriber’s company provided perks to him and his spouse. The perks were declared on their respective tax returns, but HMRC argues that they are all taxable on him, which meant a bigger tax bill. Is HMRC right? More...


HMRC’s guide to the new benefits rules

New rules for “making good” benefits in kind apply for 2017/18, including a change to the deadline. What do employers and employees need to know? More...


Taxable perks and an NI loophole

Benefits in kind are usually more NI efficient than salary. However, the opposite can be true for director shareholders who receive a low salary, perhaps topped up with dividends. What savings are possible and how can you take advantage? More...


Lending to your business tax efficiently

Your business needs extra cash. While you have the funds available, it might be more tax efficient if the money came from your spouse because they pay tax at a lower rate than you. How can you arrange the transaction to take advantage? More...


Is parking at work a taxable perk?

You pay for parking spaces for your company’s directors as there’s nowhere on site. During a PAYE check HMRC claims that because the spaces are also used for non-work purposes there’s a taxable perk. Is this correct? More...


Tax-free personal use of your company credit card

Changes proposed to the benefits in kind rules might mean you can make personal use of your company’s credit card, tax free, for up to 18 months. How can you take advantage of this? More...


Using company money to pay your tax bill

You have a large self-assessment tax bill to pay at the end of January. The trouble is that after the excesses of the festive season you’re a bit strapped for cash. What are the tax consequences of using company funds to pay HMRC? More...


The last ever Autumn Statement - what’s in it for you?

From a tax point of view the 2016 Autumn Statement wasn’t terribly exciting. However, the Chancellor announced a few changes which will have an impact on businesses. How might they affect you? More...


What are the new tax-free perks worth to you

A new tax exemption for perks took effect on 6 April 2016. It applies to all employees, but there are special rules for directors. What are they, and how can you work with them to take maximum advantage? More...
Last updated: 09.12.2019

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