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Review of directors’ pay and duties

Following two high-profile cases the government has launched an enquiry into directors’ remuneration and their duties. This may well result in new legislation. Should you be worried? More...


Professionally drafted service contracts

You’ve asked a firm of solicitors to draw up a service contract for a director based on terms that have already been verbally agreed. As they are instructed on behalf of the company what else must you insist on? More...


revealing your package on termination


Is a gift to you or your company taxable?

A loyal customer is moving away and won’t be using your company any longer. As a goodwill gesture she added a little extra when settling her final bill and asked you to share this with your fellow directors. Is this gift taxable? More...


Tax relief for personalised number plates

Where a company buys a personalised plate for a director’s car, the Taxman says this counts as capital expenditure and so isn’t a tax deductible expense. But there’s an alternative method of claiming tax relief. Is your company missing out? More...


Gross misconduct discovered post-termination

A director has just been made redundant. You were about to pay him in lieu of notice but some previous wrongdoing has now come to light. As you regard it as gross misconduct can you withhold this payment? More...


Writing job descriptions for a director

Of all the job descriptions that need to be written, those for replacement or additional company directors are amongst the most important. So what must you do before creating one and what elements should it include? More...


Emergency Budget looming

The countdown has begun to the coalition government’s first Budget which is set for June 22. There could be some radical changes; how might it affect directors? More...


Can directors claim statutory payments?

It’s easy to forget that as a director and owner of a small company you have employment rights, including the entitlement to Statutory Sick Pay. But is there really any advantage in claiming this? More...


Taking on a new director

You want to bring some fresh blood into the company, but you don’t want to pay a high priced lawyer to draw up a service contract. So you’ve decided to do it yourself. What are the vital points to include in the agreement? More...
Last updated: 25.05.2020

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