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Your hidden personal printing costs


Motorway meetings - madness and magic

Face-to-face meetings are becoming increasingly important again (given the time spent in front of screens). But where’s best to meet and what can you do to keep travel costs under control? More...


Cost cutting: paper towels v hand dryers?

It’s been suggested that you could dramatically cut costs by removing paper hand towels from your toilet facilities and installing hand dryers instead. Is this true and are there any other benefits? More...


Energy reviews made easy

Summer is the perfect time to look at your energy waste, so that you can make any changes before autumn arrives and save the most money. What form does a simple energy audit take and is it really worth doing? More...


Cost-effective self-storage solutions

Your business is rapidly running out of space and you’re looking for solutions. One possibility is to rent some space in an off-site self-storage unit. What needs to be considered before doing this? More...


Tips for reducing your accountant’s bill

Last year the bill for preparing the annual accounts was almost twice what you expected. You want to avoid a repeat performance this year, so what steps can you take to achieve this? More...


Mobile phones - are you paying for too many minutes?

It’s time to renew your mobile phone contracts, but getting your head around the deals on offer isn’t easy. A major factor in the cost is the amount of call time needed. How can you reduce this without limiting actual use of the phone? More...


Can driving lessons save you money?

One of your reps broke her leg in a car accident en route to a prospective customer. It will cost you in lost time and new business. Are there any measures you can take to reduce the risk of something similar happening again? More...


Is outsourcing the right option?

Whilst outsourcing a particular business function may look like a good option, the risks can easily outweigh the benefits if you’re not careful. How can you be sure it’s the right way to solve a problem? More...


Fuel cards - are they worth trying?

Fuel card companies aim to tempt you into using their services by offering discounts plus streamlined admin to save your business time. Signing up for an account sounds like a no-brainer, but which should you choose? More...
Last updated: 25.03.2019

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