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Must you pay for the dilapidations?

The company’s lease on its premises will end shortly. But the landlord has demanded that it “makes good” any dilapidations before then. So where does it stand and is there any way to reduce the directors’ own liability? More...


Who’s liable for repairs?

The company’s thinking about taking on a new lease. However, the board’s worried about getting fleeced by a landlord when it comes to repairs. What steps can the company take, if any, to minimise this happening? More...


Fix it, or there’s no rent

It’s agreed in your lease (which you signed!) that the landlord takes care of the major repairs. He’s now refusing to fix the roof. Is it legally safe to withhold the rent until he does the work, or could you be personally liable to pay? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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