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How to avoid bidding problems

The Competition and Markets Authority has recently secured a fine against five companies engaged in a bid-rigging cartel - disqualifying the directors responsible. What can smaller businesses take from the case? More...


Time for a price re-match?

Price matching has been cited as one of the main reasons behind the dramatic dive in John Lewis’s latest profit forecast. Two supermarkets have scrapped their price guarantee schemes this year. What can businesses take from this? More...


Irrelevant alternatives to boost webshop sales

Recognising a growing trend away from traditional sales channels, you’re keen to make more of your website sales. How could a TED Talk that’s almost a decade old help you set effective online prices? More...


Compare safely

A local competitor is undercutting you so you are thinking of going on the offensive by launching a comparative advertising campaign. What do you need to consider to keep it legal? More...


The price is right (isn’t it?)!

Understanding what makes consumers tick is a minefield that earns marketing firms big bucks. But could a few simple pricing tactics boost your business? If so, what’s involved? More...
Last updated: 07.07.2020

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