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Pension premiums - who should pay them?

Tax planning doesn’t have to be complex to be worthwhile. In fact, the simpler the scheme, the less there is to go wrong. So why are thousands of directors not taking advantage of company pension contributions? More...


Disapproving of approved mileage rates

The Taxman’s approved mileage allowances have been around for nearly 20 years. But the rates haven’t changed since 2002. In the meantime the cost of running your car has rocketed. Is there any way of extracting more from the Taxman? More...


Selling to your company

You’ve just bought a brand new 40-inch LCD television for your home. But what do you do with the old one? Is there a way to sell this to the company in order to get some cash out tax-free? More...


Good lover’s tax guide

At this time of year, you want to take your partner for a romantic meal or buy them a gift. Can you get away with just putting it through petty cash? Or are there legitimate ways to get your company to pay for it? More...


Paying yourself SSP

As a director, you take a small salary and dividends. You’ve been involved in a minor accident and will be unable to work for a couple of weeks. Are you entitled to Statutory Sick Pay? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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