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Contracting personally, not via your company

A start-up business has asked if you will contract with them in your personal capacity, rather than through your company. You’re reluctant to turn away business but are there any risks if you agree to this? More...


The difference between warranties and indemnities

At some point you might be asked to provide a condition, warranty or indemnity on behalf of the company. But what’s the difference between them and are there any implications for the directors personally where they are given? More...


The personal risk of being sued

A director has been ordered to pay over £2 million in damages for making representations on behalf of his company. What can you learn from this case? More...


Signing on the dotted line

As a director, you usually sign all the company’s contractual documents. Could this place you at risk if ever there’s a problem? What can be done about it? More...
Last updated: 05.08.2020

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