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Why choosing the right cleaner is so important

You’ve been using the same cleaner for quite a few years, but he’s about to retire. Should you look for another one-man band or switch to a professional cleaning contractor? More...


Injured at client’s home - who pays?

Workplace accidents can and do happen. But what if an employee slips over and is hurt whilst visiting a client’s premises? Will it be you as the company director, your member of staff, or the client who is responsible for their injury? More...


First company manslaughter case

The first prosecution for corporate manslaughter is being brought against a company. But it’s not a major player that’s involved. Why should this worry you? More...


Taking extra care with health and safety

You’ve heard that the outcome of a recent case makes it easier than ever for the Health and Safety Executive to pursue directors personally if their companies fall foul of workplace legislation. Is this correct? More...


Petal power...

A colleague told you that someone was able to claim thousands of pounds in compensation when he slipped on a flower petal. Could this really be right, and if so, does it mean you’re now at even greater risk of a silly claim like this? More...


Safety in an accident book


Don’t trip up!

A director has heard that if a visitor slips and sustains an injury whilst on company premises they have the right to bring a claim under health and safety legislation. If so, what protective measures should they put in place? More...


What should be on display?

You know that if any of your staff (or visitors) have an accident at work, it’s your neck that the authorities will attempt to place on the block. One way to help avoid liability is through documentation and notices. What do you need to know? More...


What compensation culture?

If you believed all the headlines, you’d think we were in the grip of a claims epidemic - employees claiming for every little bump and sprain. What’s the reality and what can you do to reduce your (personal) exposure to risk? More...
Last updated: 09.04.2020

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