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Can you rely on a retention of title clause?

Sellers prefer payment on delivery, but terms of 30 days are common, leaving them with an uncomfortable wait for their money. What if the customer goes bust in that time? You’ve been told that the retention of title (ROT) clause in your contract protects you, but how do you know it will work? More...


Retention of title clauses - the latest ruling


Retention of title clause: can you still sue?

Many commercial contracts have a retention of title clause. These state that the directors can recover the goods supplied if an invoice goes unpaid. But, as a recent case shows, you must still ask one important question. What is it? More...


Who owns the goods?

The goods you sold are in your customer’s warehouse but they haven’t been paid for. Due to the economic slowdown, they’ve now gone bust. What steps could you take to improve your chances of getting paid or recovering the goods? More...


Still our goods - we’ll have them back

You’re about to start using new business terms and conditions. A colleague has suggested they should include a “retention of title” clause. But you’ve also heard they can be more trouble than they’re worth. So what’s the truth? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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