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The meaning of “without prejudice”

A colleague is insisting that the words “without prejudice” should be put at the top of all correspondence and e-mails. He says doing so will completely protect your legal position. Is he right about this? More...


Disagreements and friendly discussion clauses

In two separate cases the parties had a contractual clause which said they would first attempt to resolve any disagreements via a friendly discussion. Should you have a similar clause in your contracts? More...


How to make a non-binding settlement offer

For commercial reasons, the directors want to settle a long-running dispute with a third party. How can they ensure that the company won’t be bound by the settlement offer when it’s put in writing to the other side? More...


Settled by (the directors’) verbal agreement?

In a recent case, two small companies were each represented by lawyers during a dispute. The issue was whether a telephone conversation between the respective managing directors had settled the matter. What was the outcome? More...


Some words of comfort?

You’ve been asked to provide a guarantee to a supplier but aren’t keen. Someone’s suggested offering a comfort letter instead. Isn’t this the same as a guarantee or is it something worth considering? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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