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Will you pay their costs if you refuse mediation?

A contractual dispute has arisen between you and another business. It’s proposed mediation and stated that if you reject this offer and the matter goes to court, you will have to pay their costs. Is this true or an attempt to scare you? More...


How to tell if a new supplier is genuine

A company you’ve not heard of before is offering your business a great deal on the supply of certain products. Before saying “yes”, you’ll want to be sure that they are genuine. How do you do this? More...


“For and on behalf of the company”

The Court of Appeal recently decided that a director was personally liable for a contract because he had not made it clear that he was acting on behalf of his company. What must you do following this ruling? More...


Contracts: the registered name or trading name?

Although a company will have been incorporated with a particular name that’s registered at Companies House, it may opt to trade under an entirely different one. But which should the directors use when it enters into a contract? More...


Contracting personally, not via your company

A start-up business has asked if you will contract with them in your personal capacity, rather than through your company. You’re reluctant to turn away business but are there any risks if you agree to this? More...


The benefits of share purchase agreements

The directors are considering acquiring another private company through a share buy-out. Should they go ahead, they’ve been advised to insist on a share purchase agreement (SPA). What are the benefits of this? More...


Can they afford not to mediate?

During a legal dispute, neither party is under any obligation to mediate, unless the contract states otherwise. However, if the directors are in this situation, suggesting it to the other side could be a good tactical move. What’s to know? More...


Daily web deal(er)s: watch out for the small print!

Online “daily deal” websites, which offer goods and services at a significant discount, have been a big hit with consumers. But why should companies that are thinking of advertising on them read the small print very carefully? More...


EC to tear up our contract rules?

It’s been reported that the EC wants to harmonise contract law across all member states. So will the directors have to learn a whole new regime? More...


Accept the offer to mediate: yes or no?

The directors are pursuing an unpaid debt in the Small Claims Court. But it has now asked the parties whether or not they want to attempt a settlement via mediation before it sets a hearing date. Is this option worth pursuing? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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