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Free flowing alcohol and binding contracts

Let’s suppose that you’ve arranged to meet a business associate socially and after one too many alcoholic drinks your discussions turn towards work. If you agree any deals in this situation, would there be a binding contract? More...


Contracts: is this really a matter of good faith?

The directors recently served notice to terminate a contract due to the supplier’s poor performance. It’s now claiming that this goes against your duty to act in good faith and is, therefore, “invalid”. Where do you stand? More...


Contracts: termination due to “non-payment”

Your company has an ongoing contract with another business yet, despite promises to the contrary, it hasn’t paid up. The directors now want to walk away from the deal, but just how should they go about terminating it? More...


What is “reasonable notice”?

Your company wants to bring a contract to an end. As there’s no documentation, you’re thinking of giving the other side three months’ notice but are worried about a claim. How would a court decide if this is reasonable? More...


Backing out of an unsuccessful franchise

Your company signed up to a franchise which proved to be nowhere near as profitable as you’d been led to believe. The franchisor says if you walk away, they’ll sue you for breach of contract. Where do you stand? More...


Can you always rely on a non-waiver clause?

Your company has a contract with a supplier but they’re not keeping to the terms. You’re not saying anything now as there’s a clause that allows you to end the agreement for this reason at a later date. But for how long can you rely on it? More...


Do you have to pay liquidated damages?

Your company recently entered into a contract, but due to cash flow problems it now wants out. The other party has said there’s no “cooling off period” but will end the contract on payment of “liquidated damages”. What does this mean? More...


Playing hardball with slow payers

You’ve noticed that more and more of your customers are late in paying your invoices. In response, can you simply stop supplying them? More...


More cancellation rights

A director’s been in touch querying a new law which seems to give consumers more rights to change their minds and back out of contracts. If this is right, should he alter his company’s terms and conditions? More...


I thought we had a deal!

A fellow director placed an order which he thought had been accepted. But the seller has rung back to say the deal is off because they’d misquoted the price. Where does this leave the company and what can it do, if anything? More...
Last updated: 09.12.2019

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