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Getting paid on your terms

As the lockdown eases and supply chains start to reopen, you could find yourself renegotiating payment terms with existing customers or striking deals with new clients. How can you ensure the payment terms are in your favour? More...


Can coronavirus frustrate contracts?

The coronavirus outbreak has meant that many commercial contracts can’t be performed. Could you argue that the pandemic situation is a “frustration” of contract and escape your contractual obligations without any liability? More...


It’s 2020 - don’t shorten it to 20!


Why your T&Cs need TLC

When was the last time you checked your terms and conditions? As there are strict rules governing their fairness, it’s worthwhile carrying out a review to make sure they’re up to scratch. What do you need to look out for? More...


Price hikes - must you pay?

A long-standing and regular supplier has just informed the company that they’re increasing their prices by 20% due to “Brexit”. Is such a move legal and what can you do about it? More...


You’ve overcharged us!

A customer says that you overcharged them for goods sold last year and is now demanding a refund. What’s the legal position and does it differ if they’ve found the same goods cheaper elsewhere? More...


No right to a refund?

You placed an order for some new goods. On delivery, they weren’t up to scratch so you complained to the seller. It says that it only has to offer replacement items, but no refund. Is this correct? More...


Contracts: is it safe to use the word “shall”?

Commercial contracts often say that one or both parties “shall” do something, for example, “A shall pay B within 30 days of its invoice”. According to the Court of Appeal, is the word “shall” legally binding? More...


Warranty or indemnity?

At some point you might be asked to provide a condition, warranty or indemnity on behalf of the company. But what’s the difference between them and are there any implications for the directors personally where they are given? More...


Updating terms and conditions - a trap

Including a personal guarantee as part of your firm’s terms and conditions can add extra security in case a customer goes under. The trouble is a guarantee of this sort can lapse without you realising. How can you prevent this from happening? Customer accounts More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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