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Can coronavirus frustrate contracts?

The coronavirus outbreak has meant that many commercial contracts can’t be performed. Could you argue that the pandemic situation is a “frustration” of contract and escape your contractual obligations without any liability? More...


Is coronavirus a “force majeure” event?

Most commercial contracts include a “force majeure” clause. They allow one or both parties to escape contractual liabilities where events outside of their control arise. Is coronavirus a force majeure event? More...


Q&A - is no deal Brexit a force majeure event?


Fires and force majeure clauses

A supplier has informed you that they’ve had a fire and, as a consequence, are unable to fulfil your contract. They believe that this event allows them to rely on the force majeure clause in the contract. True or false? More...


Are the directors prepared for a cyber attack?

Any company with an online presence is vulnerable to a “cyber attack”. Not only could this disrupt your business, it may lead to a claim for damages. So what can the directors do to protect the company’s position? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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