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Justify your expenses or face fines

Keeping accurate records for business expenses is important as they not only affect your company’s tax position but yours too. What are the requirements for you and your business and what are the dangers of not meeting them? More...


HMRC simplifies MTD bookkeeping


Digital tax - all businesses must comply

Statistics show that nearly 45% of small businesses are unaware of HMRC’s programme for “making tax digital” (MTD), which involves far more than just another move toward electronic data. What steps should you be taking now? More...


Do you need to complete a P11D?

The deadline for declaring directors’ benefits and expenses on Form P11D is approaching and there are stiff penalties for being late. But are you wasting time and putting yourself at risk by reporting transactions you don’t need to? More...


Taxman’s false start on investigations

The Taxman has started his new “business records checks” ahead of schedule. What steps, if any, should you take if your company is on his hit list? More...


More tax enquiries coming soon

The Taxman is flexing his muscles in readiness for a barrage of enquiries into business records. Are there steps you can take to protect your company? More...


Directors’ tax returns

As a director the Taxman says you must complete an annual self-assessment tax return. But we’re aware that some directors aren’t receiving these. What’s going on and should you submit a form anyway? More...


New tax investigation rules from April

The Taxman has swingeing new powers to stamp out tax evasion. These could hit company directors from every angle. So how should you prepare? More...


De-clutter your tax life

If the Taxman enquires into your or your company’s tax return or “suggests” you owe more tax than you’ve paid, it’s vitally important to have tax records on your side. But do you need to keep this clutter forever and a day? More...


Can the Taxman see your personal records?

You know that the Taxman can open an enquiry into your company’s Corporation Tax return and request access to the company’s books and records. But do his powers extend to directors’ private bank statements too? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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